We offer an all-round financial planning and advisory service, including the following areas:
Please note that not all services are regulated

Wealth Generation

Wealth is created through the harnessing of surplus income, inheritances and other capital windfalls.

Identifying money that is not going to be used for consumption and using it to create capital wealth is the primary objective and skill of Bottriell Adams’ financial planners.

Careful tax planning based on your individual circumstances, understanding any risks to your capital and your appetite and capacity to take them, and the selection of suitable products and services can make a difference that can be very substantial indeed.

In many cases we will prepare a detailed lifetime cashflow for clients that can be used to plan and predict what a difference good planning can make.

Investment Service

In order to be given the opportunity to grow, money has to be invested with wisdom and expertise. Choosing the right investments is a key consideration.

First Bottriell Adams’ planners take time to understand how you view investment risk and the risks you are comfortable with and those you are not.

We need to recognise how experienced you are as an investor and satisfy ourselves that we only recommend products that you understand and are comfortable with.

Our initial report will have identified your key objectives and we will therefore know the period over which you intend to invest and what the objectives of the specific investments are.

Only then will we create and recommend a bespoke investment programme for you, implement it, monitor it and meet with you regularly to review progress against the plan.

We currently advise on over £130 million of investments for our clients each of whom is treated individually with a bespoke investment programme designed just for them.

Tax Planning

Personal and business taxes are becoming ever more complicated and are ever changing. An individual can suffer tax at many different rates but can also claim many and various reliefs and exemptions.

Earned income and investment income and gains are all treated slightly differently and the presence of one or more can have an effect on the tax treatment of each other, sometimes a very unwelcome effect.

Investing your accumulating wealth needs to be done very carefully to avoid any nasty traps in the tax treatment.

Many investment products have special tax treatment and a number of products can shelter your money from all taxation. Your wealth will grow faster the better you can navigate this complex tax environment.

Pension Planning

With the State pension age getting later for many people and the demise of good quality employer pension schemes, planning for income in retirement is a vital aspect of financial planning for everybody still working.

Even those fortunate enough to be in a quality employer’s scheme are seeing benefits being eroded or costs increasing and will still need specialist advice.

Business owners and directors have very special needs in balancing their requirements to provide capital for their business and to save for their family’s future.

Bottriell Adams’ planners have a great deal of experience in tailoring retirement savings schemes for all kinds of different needs. Then when the plans have been made our investment expertise will help you select the right investments to use.

Income In Retirement

The retirement horizon is something that everybody must cross; for some it will be a single point in time and for others it may be a gradual process taking many years.

What it means for all though, is that earned income and business profits will shrink or stop completely and the retirement income must start.

Having a good sized pension fund is good but it presents you with some far reaching and irreversible decisions. You will need high quality unbiased advice at this vital point in life.

Bottriell Adams’ Planners are very experienced and empathetic in this area, they have a deep understanding of all the aspects of those decisions and can help you make exactly the right choices at the right time.

Succession Planning

The wealth you create and do not spend in your lifetime, will be spent by somebody else.

You will of course want to know who that is and that it will be spent well, you will also want to ensure that as little of it as possible will be lost to the taxman.

Careful use of Wills and Trusts is a vital element in passing down your wealth to the families of your heirs, with as little tax as possible.

You can use Trusts to ensure that your money is used for specific purposes; for education, homebuilding and business investment for example.

Bottriell Adams’ planners will always ensure that your succession objectives will be factored into the financial planning recommendations they make for you.

Essential Financial Products

In addition to the financial planning and investment services we are happy to arrange one-off financial transactions.

Examples of the these services are:

  • Cash management – sourcing and arranging Deposits, Cash ISAs, National Savings and similar cash based investments.
  • Life assurances, critical illness and disability cover.
  • Mortgages for home purchase, refinancing and buy-to-let investments.
  • Advice on Wills and powers of attorney.
  • Referrals to Solicitors and Accountants for specialist professional services.
Specialist Services For Business Owners

We provide corporate solutions for many small and medium sized companies, a number of whose owners are personal clients. We principally help employers identify their company’s financial planning requirements and determine the right solution for the business and staff, including an initial review of the current arrangements before making any recommendations.

We offer a full range of corporate advice in the following areas:

  • Group Pension schemes including defined benefit and money purchase arrangements, along with tax efficient schemes such as salary sacrifice
  • Group Life Assurance
  • Income Protection for employees
  • Shareholder and Partnership agreements

We tailor our proposition to the specific requirements of each firm and use our expertise to ensure that both the company and its staff receive the advice that they need.

We differentiate ourselves from most of the market by providing advice on a one-to-one basis for each member of the pension scheme.

We work closely with employers on an ongoing basis to keep them up to date with changes that will affect their corporate financial planning going forward.


Our financial planning, tax and investment services are just as valuable for trustees as they are for individuals.

The Trustee Act places a number of responsibilities on trustees – one of which is to take and act on professional advice.

We are experienced in providing specialist advice to trustees of pension schemes, charities and family settlements; and can ensure that trustees remain compliant with their legal responsibilities.

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Before you invest, make sure you feel comfortable with the level of risk you take. Investments aim to grow your money, but they might lose it too.